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Outpatient clinics are currently operating at the private hospitals, subject to appropriate precautions. You will be advised of arrangements with the appointment confirmation.

Please note that if anyone due to attend an appointment develops symptoms of Covid19 prior to the consultation, they should not attend and you should call me to cancel. Symptoms may include a high temperature, cough or a change or loss of sense of smell or taste; please see the NHS website for further advice.

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Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital
The Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

Nuffield Hospital
The Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital

Addenbrookes Hospital
Addenbrooke's Hospital

Three modern and well-equipped locations

I offer consultations every week, with outpatient clinics generally alternating between the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital and the Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital, so you can choose your preferred location. Private patients are also occasionally seen in the outpatients department at Addenbrooke's Hospital.

I run regular surgical operating lists at Addenbrooke's Hospital and also operate at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital. Minor procedures for some conditions can also be carried out in the outpatient clinic.

All three hospitals offer up to date facilities, modern equipment and the assistance of specialist ophthalmic staff.

My practice covers a range of general adult eye problems, and I provide a full specialist paediatric eye service for conditions such as squint, lazy eye, blocked tear ducts and developmental disorders, as well as rarer congenital and inherited conditions. Please note that I no longer undertake adult cataract surgery.

Should I discover a problem that requires a particular sub-specialty opinion, I will refer you or your child to a consultant colleague specialising in the care of that condition.

Private surgery at Addenbrooke's

All children requiring in-patient surgery as private patients will be treated at Addenbrooke's, where specialist paediatric surgical and anaesthetic facilities are available. You will have the reassurance that your child is having his or her operation in a dedicated unit which carries out paediatric eye surgery on a regular basis.